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2017-10-23: Ann Shaw session, Sail to… — with Mark Davis and #Kurzweil at Steakhouse Recording Studios in NoHo. https://t.co/gtKHw9ewc6

2017-10-20: #Kurzweil #SP6 Organ demos - take a listen: https://t.co/dHoAOWNmJf

2017-10-19: The @SynthExpo Brooklyn Synth Expo is fast approaching (10/28, 10/29) - https://t.co/PLZaJwQsoz come see Kurzweil: https://t.co/OTmtLe3XYc

2017-10-17: #Kurzweil SP6 "Bright EP" - https://t.co/6Py0opv29S

2017-10-16: Long time #Kurzweil users & keyboard legends Debbie Shair and Darian Sahanaja playing w/ Brian Wilson (Beach Boys). https://t.co/Yfscysaex5

2017-10-16: RT @ageofaudio: #Backstage #professional #synthesizers @KurzweilMusic @nordkeyboards #Yamaha @ageofaudio https://t.co/PfTUoI0Ikm

2017-10-12: #Kurzweil #SP6 Audio Demos! https://t.co/5O7VuXhcvi

2017-10-11: Kurzweil at the Music China 2017 in Shanghai - https://t.co/O9CqlLsalU

2017-10-10: Expomusic tradeshow in Brazil @feiraexpomusic. @habromusic is the #Kurzweil distributor in Brazil. https://t.co/e8htsCVhqv

2017-10-06: RT @MasterpieceAero: A new favorite: 11 UprightPiano by @KurzweilMusic https://t.co/luAvgwyc8L on #SoundCloud

2017-10-05: #Kurzweil #ForteSE - new VST/AU PlugSE software - control the ForteSE from your DAW channel strip - free download -… https://t.co/YIovPzSWkI

2017-10-04: #Kurzweil - a popular choices in music academies all over the world, like in Eliette's Music Academy, New Zealand: https://t.co/sXVD5j2gZu

2017-10-03: Find additional sounds, tools or other Kurzweil users like you at the #Kurzweil community https://t.co/1qSIhf56sm https://t.co/H9ZJeKxWZD

2017-09-28: #Kurzweil will be at the 4th Brooklyn @SynthExpo thanks to American Music & Sound https://t.co/O6u4CVAM9P https://t.co/CAD4iJvM07

2017-09-26: The Lincoln Alumni Association (NOLA) donated a #Kurzweil #Forte to their elementary school for the arts - awesome!… https://t.co/FHLUzgkZbU

2017-09-26: Hot off the press!! #Kurzweil #SP6 manuals posted: https://t.co/vdL2IKhW7A https://t.co/vSgbkoWL3c

2017-09-25: RT @charlyconga: One more from Chicago at @ElioErraez Sabor a Cafe! https://t.co/b4wFTThRwY

2017-09-20: RT @sonicstate: New Kurzweil Stage Piano: SP6 has a fully-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboard https://t.co/eJq0syr0NA @KurzweilMusic http…

2017-09-18: RT @EM_Magazine: User-friendly @KurzweilMusic SP6 stage piano features powerful processing & intuitive interface. $1295 MAP https://t.co/s2…

2017-09-18: RT @KeyboardMag: Coming soon from @KurzweilMusic is the new SP6 Stage Piano. https://t.co/beUQxd2LnC https://t.co/SotefiAzFw