Raisa Songbird


Raisa a thriving individual of positivity and passion with a penchant for music that began at a very young age. Her enthusiasm turned into a dream that came true as she earned her degree in contemporary jazz and pop music and continued to blossom into a professional singer and a brilliant jazz pianist. Her immense talent and versatility radiates through her music – she aspires to influence and transform the audience with her extensive performances at five-star entertainment venues around the globe. Her repertoire spans across famous piano pieces, popular tunes from well-known jazz standards, evergreens from Arabic, American, French, Italian and Spanish radio charts, and acoustic covers. She also keeps it light and bright by performing music on specific guest requests.

Raisa plays both Grand Piano and the Keyboard, Kurzweil Forte SE being one of her favorites! It is her absolute top pick for its rare and advanced multi-track sequencer and accessible controls. She credits Kurzweil as one of the best in the market and enjoys creating melodies with its superb sound, exceptional quality, intuitive features and overall experience. With Kurzweil, she creates stunning performances because it allows her to combine various instrumental sounds. She loves Kurzweil’s solid build, light weight and durability. Its portability makes everything so convenient as she moves around venues for her performances.

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