Kashyap Iyengar

“Among the lot of many brands I have handled, there is not one that strikes you in terms of rich sounds and efficient functionality like the Kurzweil keyboards. Using one of their keyboards makes sure that you have total control over the smallest grain of sound, making it a personal and professional experience to remember.”

– Kashyap Iyengar


Kashyap Iyengar is a 15 year old progressive rock keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter, music producer, arranger and a multi-instrumentalist from India. Being a self-taught ‘play-by-ear’ musician, Kashyap has been using the keyboard as his principal instrument since the age of 5, starting with mini-keyboards and moving on to programmable synthesisers. With his newly formed psychedelic rock band ‘Transference’, he’ll be going on a world tour that includes the South African leg in 2016 and the South American leg in 2017. Kashyap is also the founder of an online band that is dedicated to the music of progressive metal band ‘Dream Theater’ – namely ‘Split Screen Theater’ which involves musicians from all over the world, particularly from the prestigious Berklee College Of Music. Apart from various product showcases and performances at prestigious auditoriums and jazz clubs, he is a regular player at the annual International Jazz Day Fest held in India. He holds a qualification in the ‘Music Production’ course offered by Berklee College Of Music Online. Apart from his instrumental and production-wise abilities, Kashyap is a reviewer for various iOS music apps, apps which focus on expanding instruments to gadgets. Musical influences include Brian Wilson, Syd Barrett, Johann Sebastian Bach, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Phil Spector, Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys and Bob Dylan.

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