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O/S Updating Basics

How do I know if I need to update my PC3K O/S and what are the steps to do so?


To check the O/S version you currently have installed in your PC3K, either:

  1. power the unit on


  2. after powering up, press the MASTER mode button then (using <more>) navigate to and press the [OBJECT] soft button:

Via either method, in the bottom of the screen, the current O/S revision will be displayed (vX.XX.YYYY). You should update if your unit displays an O/S version less than the latest available online.

At the link above, under "O/S Updates", download the current update package posted there. The update can be performed directly over USB or via USB thumb drive. Step-by-step installation instructions and a complete revision history are included within the download. The entire procedure takes only minutes.

TIP: While there you should check under "User Manuals" and make certain you have the latest there too.

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