How can I restore my PC3 to its factory defaults?


All references to the “PC3” apply equally to both the PC3, PC3A, PC3K and X-Pro models.

Caution: Hard resetting will erase all user memory ! Need be, back up any custom programming before proceeding.

There are two methods for performing a hard reset on a PC3 Series keyboard:

Master Menu Method: (with the PC3 powered up in normal operating modes)

1) Press MASTER, you will see:

2) Press <more]

3) Press [Reset]

4) Press [Yes]

5) Press [Yes] again

You will then see…

After which the unit will reboot from the “welcome” startup screen, similar to how things behave when you first power the PC3 up, and be completely reset.


Boot Loader Method: (useful if you are unable to perform the Master menu method)

1) Turn the unit off.

2) Press and hold EXIT while you turn the power on (you can release the Exit button once you see the boot loader menu). You will see:


4) Press [RESET]

5) You will be brought back to the main boot loader menu – press [RUN PC3]

The unit will then reboot, at which point it should be completely reset back to factory defaults.