Is it possible to delete a group of objects at once vs. deleting them one at a time?

Yes. To delete any given User objects (song, program, setup, etc):

  1. Press Master, you will see:

  2. Press [more>] once:

  3. Press [Object]

  4. Press [Delete]

  5. Press [Advnce]

    Note: much like the STORE menu in Storage mode, this Object menu offers a variety of selection tools, from selecting things by numeric bank, object type and so forth. This tutorial and above example are specifically detailing the ‘Advance’ selection tool. Please see chpt 11 in the PC3/K v2 Musician’s Guide for discussions on the other selection methods available.

  6. Using the data wheel, highlight each item you wish to delete, one at a time, and press [Select] to mark it. Repeat as needed to select multiple objects of any type or location. (note the asterisk ∗ added as an indicator):

  7. Once your selections are made, press [Delete] to execute:CAUTION: Deleted items cannot be retrieved once erased. As needed, be sure to save any desired custom items externally before deleting!

  8. Press [Delete] again to confirm:

A brief message confirming the items were deleted will be displayed. Press Exit several times to return to the Program mode and normal operation.