How can I quantize my recordings with the PC3/K/LE/X-Pro sequencer?


1 Select the Song to edit

2) Press Edit – you will see:

(Note: be sure the “Prog” field is NOT highlighted otherwise you will enter the Program editor vs Song editor).

3) Press Track

4) Select Function: Quantize

5) Using the Chan/Layer buttons select the track you wish to quantize (displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen). In the example here, we chose ‘Track 2’.

6) In the ‘region’ box on the right you can (if desired) refine your selection criteria for what notes in the current track you want the Quantize applied to. You will find fields for narrowing the range of measures (From and To) as well as the note range (LoKey and HiKey) and/or velocity range (LoVel and HiVel). If you simply want ‘all’ corrected, you can leave the default values as-is.

7) On the left side are the quantize controls:

Quant The strength of rhythmic “correction” you want applied. 100% = perfect.
Grid The fastest rhythmic value you want to permit.

(i.e. all notes will be rounded to the closest grid division as set by this selection).

1/4 = quarter notes, 1/8 = 8th notes, 1/16 = 16th notes and so on.

Swing Values above zero progressively swing the beat more and more. 0% is straight time.
Release If YES also corrects the release of notes in addition to the start of notes (i.e. this effects note durations).


8) Press Go to execute the settings above:

9) You will see a “Operation Completed” splash screen. Press OK, then use the soft Play/Stop buttons in the screen to audition the edit you just made.

If you are happy with the results, Exit and Save. If not, Exit do not save, and try again (from step 2).