I am triggering the Kurzweil using an external MIDI controller and the [Octav-/+] and/or [Xpose-/+] soft-buttons are having no effect.


The Quick Answer:

You need to:

1) Go to the MIDI / [RECV ] page (MASTER / [RECV ] for PC3LE models)

2) Set the “LocalKbdCh” to match whatever MIDI channel your master controller is transmitting to the Kurzweil on.

Understanding the Quick Answer:

This issue revolves around the use of the Local Keyboard Channel parameter (LocalKbdCh), found on the MIDI Receive page (Master Receive for PC3LE models).

The [Octav-/+] and/or [Xpose-/+] soft-buttons are MIDI-note transpose functions governing notes the Kurzweil ITSELF generates. As such, when the Kurzweil is used as a slave (receiving MIDI input), the MIDI note numbers triggered are determined by the source (i.e. your external controller) not the [Octav-/+] and/or [Xpose-/+] soft-button values.

However via the LocalKbdCh feature, the incoming data gets rerouted through the Kurzweil MIDI engine as if you were playing the Kurzweil directly, at which point the MIDI note numbers get transposed according to the values set by the [Octav-/+] and/or [Xpose-/+] soft-buttons.

The Local Keyboard Channel parameter is also used for properly routing incoming data to Songs and Setups. Further it can even be employed to turn incoming controller messages into different controller messages (aka Controller Remapping). For complete details, check out the MIDI Mode chapter in your unit’s Musician’s Guide.