In Program Mode, no matter what Program I select, my controllers (Wheels, Sliders, Pedals, etc) are not working right and/or the keyboard is split and/or the INFO page is blank. How do I correct this?


It sounds like you accidentally changed your Control Setup (MIDI XMIT page). The Control Setup is what defines what all of your physical controllers do when NOT in Setup Mode itself. To correct this:

    1. Press MIDI.
    2. Press XMIT, you will see:

    3. Set ‘ControlSetup’ back to the factory default of “126 Internal Voices”.
      (manual reference pg. 6-9).

If a warning prompt appears cautioning you about changing the Control Setup, just press YES.


In OS v2.10, a new feature added was the aforementioned alert message that pops up when you try to change the ControlSetup (a warning for the uninitiated). This very feature is designed to help prevent such unintentional Control Setup changes.

As needed, check the downloads section for your PC3 to see if you are running the latest OS and update as needed.