How can I route select layers of a given program to the Aux outs?

By default all factory Program layers are routed to the primary, Main L & R Outputs. The PC3, however, features a secondary pair of analog outs named “Auxiliary” (Aux) that you can reroute signals to as needed. The PC3 architecture supports routing entire programs to the separate outs (see “Routing Programs to the Auxiliary Outputs”) as well as isolating select layers within a program and sending those alone to the aux outs.

This could come in handy for situations where you may want external control over the mix of certain elements within a program. Take for example a drum kit where you may want to isolate just the kick from the rest of the kit or perhaps a program that combines a layer of strings with piano. By routing specified layers to their own output, you can then run these into separate inputs of an external mixer or multitrack recorder for further control and/or processing.

Here are the basic steps for routing individual layers of a program to the Aux/Secondary outputs:

1) In Program Mode, select desired program (for this example we are using program “135 Perfect PnoPad”). This is a Piano and Pad combination sound with the pad on layer 1. We’ll route Layer 1 to the aux outs, leaving the piano sound coming out the Main outs.

2) Press Edit, you will see:

3) Press [<more] 3 times

4) Press [LYR_FX]

5) Notice, the Layer FX Mode is set to “Use Program FX”, which means this layer (layer 1/3) is currently set to use the same Insert FX Chain, Aux Send Levels and Output as all of the other layers in this program (as set on the Program-Effects [PROGFX] page).

6) By changing the Layer FX Mode to “Layer-Specific FX”** a new independent set of FX and Output parameters appear that allow you to now isolate and control this one layer’s FX and Output routing independently from any other layers.

7) Now to route this layer to the aux outs, set Output to “Sec.”.

Done. Layer 1 will now sound out of the Auxiliary outs and the remaining layers (2 & 3 in this example) will continue to sound, separately out of the Main outs.

8) Press Exit and save the program

**NOTE: when you enable Layer-Specific FX Mode, the Insert chain for this layer is cleared (Set to “0 None”). This means if the program itself had an insert assigned (as globally set on the PROGFX page) that the layer in question now has no insert effect applied to it. Additionally the Aux send level will now initially be set to off. (In our example here, the program happened to not have an insert but did have a small amount of reverb applied on Aux 1. Take a peek on the PROGFX page to see.)

As you are routing things externally you may simply opt to leave things this way and effect this feed externally. Alternatively, you could also choose to dial up the same Effects Insert Chain here and/or increase the Aux send to any desirable amount – or – even dial up all new effects for this layer (resources permitting).