What programs/setups from other Kurzweil instruments can I load in my PC3K?

The PC3K can load content from the following Kurzweil instruments and file types:

Instrument/File File Type
PC3 .PC3
K2600 .K26
K2500 .K25
K2000 .KRZ


Loading Compatible Object File Types

Aside from loading objects from its own files, the PC3K can load sounds and objects from other Kurzweil instruments.

When loading other file types, the PC3K will attempt a conversion of the objects in those files. The PC3K can often exactly match the sound and function of the original objects. In some cases object parameters may not be converted and must be adjusted by the user after conversion.


– Objects that use the K series ROM soundset can be converted after installation of the optional K2661 ROM compatibility file (available under the Download section below on this webpage). For loaded keymap objects, keyranges that use edited ROM samples will NOT produce sound. Further details on loading legacy K2 content can be found in the section below.

– Objects loaded from PC3 and PC3A files may reference samples in the KORE64 and German D Grand EXP sample sets. When loading a Program or Keymap which uses these samples to the PC3K, the relevant KORE64 and/or German D Grand EXP expansion boards must be installed, otherwise Programs/Keymaps will sound incorrect unless they are manually edited to use different Keymaps/Samples.

Loading Legacy K2 Series Object Files (K26, .K25, .KRZ)

When loading objects from K26, .K25, or .KRZ files, objects are converted to PC3K object types. Some object parameters cannot be converted and must be edited after loading.

All K2 series Keymap objects can be loaded, some parameters will be converted to PC3K specific parameters.

Most K2 series Program objects can be loaded. FX cannot be converted and must be edited after loading. Parameter info names and some controller assignments may need to be edited after loading.

The Program Editor Keymap page sample skipping parameter (SmpSkp) cannot be loaded, so Samples can only be transposed upward by one octave. Programs and Keymaps may need to be edited to compensate for this.

A small number of DSP algorithms and functions (some filters, oscillators, etc.) cannot be loaded, so Program layers may need to be edited to compensate for this.

KB3 programs created with a K2500 or K2600 cannot be loaded, however the PC3K contains a variety of KB3 programs which can easily be modified and edited.

Triple Mode programs created with the K2600 cannot be loaded, however the PC3K improves upon this feature with Cascade Mode. Cascade Mode allows a program signal to be routed through up to 32 layers of DSP algorithms (for details see “Alt Input” in the Musician’s Guide).

Loading MIDI Song Files (.MID)

MIDI song files (.MID) can be loaded, they appear as Songs in Song Mode. General MIDI (GM) is also supported.