What are the various view modes available on the PC3/K and how do I access them?

The PC3/K offers three different display mode options effecting Setup, Program and QAccess Modes:

  • ‘Layer/Zones’ (default behavior):The info box will display an overview of the keymap names and ranges for each layer in the current Program (while in Program Mode) or an overview of the Program names and ranges for each zone in the current Setup (while in Setup Mode). The line beneath the name of the keymap/program indicates the keyboard range of that layer/zone.

  • ‘Controllers’:The info box displays controller activity in Program and Setup Play Modes.

  • ‘Large’:
    For live situations under low light or for floor demos, “Large” shows the currently selected program or setup using a large size font.

Selecting the View Mode

  1. Press the MASTER mode button.
  2. Highlight the Display parameter field and choose one of the 3 available view modes: