How can I set up a metronome for keyboard practice?


There are a few ways to achieve this but simplest is to create a blank 1 measure song, loop it and have the built-in Song Mode metronome play “Always”. Here are the steps:

  1. press SONG, select #1 New Song (blank template)

  2. press [more>] once:

  3. press the [ BIG ] soft button:

  4. on the BIG page, set:- Song End: 2:1:0 (if not set by default)- Loop: LOOP- Metron: Always

  5. press [Save ] – save this to whatever ID you wish, perhaps even renaming this song “Click” or “Metronome” for your own easy reference.

Now whenever you call up the above saved song, simply press PLAY and instant metronome.

From the Song:MAIN screen you can further select the tempo:

…as well as select a Program to play for practice.

To employ a time signature other than the default 4/4, press EDIT (be sure the cursor is not highlighting “Prog”) and change the TimeSig as needed, then re-save the song: