I am trying to play Setups via MIDI and am only hearing one of the multiple sounds contained in my setup.


The Quick Answer:

You need to:

    1. Go to the MIDI / [RECV ] page.(MASTER / [RECV ] for PC3LE models)
    2. Set the “LocalKbdCh” to match whatever MIDI channel your master controller is transmitting to the Kurzweil on.

Understanding the Quick Answer:

This issue revolves around the use of the Local Keyboard Channel parameter (LocalKbdCh), found on the MIDI Receive page (Master Receive for PC3LE models).

A Setup is an object which is designed to transmit MIDI data – it allows you to use your instrument as a controller. This typically involves allowing the keyboard to transmit on multiple channels using up to 16 zones (depending on model of Kurzweil), sending different note and controller information for each zone. This allows you to layer and split various programs across the keyboard.

However, when triggering your Kurzweil via MIDI, like in the case of a Kurzweil rack model for instance, it simply responds to whatever information is received from your external controller for each channel independently. If your external controller has its own Setup mode, or the equivalent, you can make your own Setups on your keyboard controller to do the same thing.

But what if you have a controller that can only send on a single MIDI channel and you want to play the Setups in your Kurzweil? You need to have a way to change the information that is coming in on a single MIDI channel into multiple channels of information. This is exactly what the Local Keyboard Channel parameter does. Once you set this parameter to a specific MIDI channel, and then send MIDI data into the Kurzweil on that same channel, that information is remapped to the current Setup zones accordingly as if you were playing a Kurzweil series keyboard directly with the same Setup loaded. Note: this data is then routed to the Kurzweil MIDI Out as well, persuant to the Destination setting on the zone(s) in question.

For example, lets say you have the LocalKbdCh set to match your controller’s transmit channel and are in Setup Mode with a Setup that uses Channels 1, 2, & 3 layered and a split with Channel 4. Then the MIDI messages coming in are turned into either messages on Channels 1, 2, & 3 or split on to Channel 4, depending on where you are playing on the keyboard. If any of these zones’ Destinations contain an outbound MIDI component (MIDI, Both, USB, etc.) the same data will be fired out the Kurzweil MIDI OUT port as well.

The Local Keyboard Channel parameter is also used for properly routing incoming data to the sequencer in Song mode and can be employed to turn incoming controller messages into different controller messages (aka Controller Remapping). For complete details, check out the MIDI Mode chapter in your unit’s Musician’s Guide.