I have a PC3 61/76 note and am having trouble playing keyboard triggered RIFFs in some of the factory Setups.


Many of these RIFF triggered setups were designed around the 88-note model PC3’s. The added real-estate allowed us to do certain things that were not well suited for demoing on only 61 or even 76 keys. In many factory Setups, you will note the programmable Program 1-8 buttons overlap in these duties, allowing you to trigger the same RIFFs in most cases. So at least you can hear the bulk of what is there.

A good example of this is Setup #1 “TechnoRiff Sw 1-8”. Hit the various Program buttons 1-8 and you are able to trigger almost all the same elements. Same should apply for any Setup where you see the word “RIFF” in the Zone Display box on the left (Display Mode set to ‘Lyr/Zone’).

If you really wish to use piano keys to trigger these same events with a shorter keybed model, the setups can be reprogrammed without too much effort. Simply edit the setup, go to the RIFF2 page and reassign what notes are used for “Trigger” and “Release”.

In doing so you may need to tweak other zone key ranges to suit your needs (KEYVEL page) but again, fairly easy to do.

(for reference on RIFFs, see pg. 7-55 and onward in the v2 manuals).


Transposing Simply transposing the whole keyboard from the soft buttons outside of Edit mode does not work as a solution here as that only transposes the MIDI note #’s “sent” from the keys themselves and does not account for the active window (key range) that the zone in question is receiving through.

Quick Ex: Looking at Setup #1

Zone 1, key range = A0-A#0 (MIDI note#s 21-22) – a drum loop RIFF is triggered in this zone, A#0=on, A0=off. (in addition here SWPRG1 starts/stops the same RIFF.) Now if you transpose the board down let’s say -12ST, that means each note you touch is actually transmitting the MIDI note number one octave lower. So when you strike A#0 (#22) you are now actually transmitting note #10 (22-12=10). As zone 1 is only “listening” (active) between #21-22, the RIFF trigger is never received and thus never starts.

So again the solution for 61/76 note users is to edit the Setups to move things about as needed.

Triggering Setups via MIDI To trigger Setups remotely via MIDI in any fashion, the Local Keyboard Channel (and/or zone specific InputChannel) need to be employed (manual reference, pg. 7-6 and 10-9).

Factory Presets and Customization One last thought to keep in mind, many of the factory Setups are really just intended as educational guides to show you some possibilities. Ultimately all can, and should, be customized as needed.