K2661 Downloads

User Manuals

2000-01-01 | K2661 Getting Started Guide - 3.8 MB | Owner's Manual 2000-01-01 | K2661 Musician's Guide - 5.7 MB | Owner's Manual 2000-01-01 | K2661 Musician's Reference - 7.9 MB | Supplemental Reference 2000-01-01 | Stereo Dynamic Piano ROM Block - 65.2 KB | ROM Option Supplemental Guide 2000-01-01 | Vintage Electric Pianos ROM Block - 127 KB | ROM Option Supplemental Guide 2000-01-01 | K2661 ROM Option Installation Guide.pdf - 204 KB | ROM Option User Installation Guide 2000-01-01 | KDFX Algorithm Reference - 1.0 MB | Supplemental Reference

OS Updates

2000-01-01 | K2661 v1.30 OS Update - 747 KB | (Installation instructions and a complete revision history are included within the download)

Object Files

2000-01-01 | Base ROM Objects - 486 KB | K61v100.K26
(for all units - installation instructions included)
2000-01-01 | Stereo Dynamic Piano ROM Option Objects (ROM 3) - 11.9 KB | OBJSD101.K26
(for units with V3 or V4 Base Objects plus the Stereo Dynamic Piano ROM installed)
2000-01-01 | Vintage Electric Piano ROM Option Objects (ROM 4) - 34.4 KB | OBJEP101.K26
(for units with v3 or V4 Base Objects plus the Vintage Electric Piano ROM installed)
2000-01-01 | Live Mode ROM Objects - 1.8 KB | OBJKL101.K26
(for units with the sampling option installed)

Compatibility (Converter Files)

(loading/usage instructions are included within the downloads)

2000-01-01 | K2661-K2K - 1.9 MB | Makes K2000 data useable within K2661 2000-01-01 | K2661-K25 - 258 KB | Makes K2500 data useable within K2661 2000-01-01 | K2661-K26V3 - 168 KB | Makes K2600 v3 data useable within K2661

FARM Files (extra presets)

(Note: These FARM files are to be LOADED into RAM through Disk mode. For instructions on how to load files though Disk mode, please see your Musician's Guide Manual.)

2000-01-01 | OPRGSDEM - 191 KB | Orchestral FARM (requires the Orchestral ROM) 2000-01-01 | CPRGSDEM - 240 KB | Contemporary FARM (requires the Contemporary ROM) 2000-01-01 | SDPRGDEM - 53.2 KB | Stereo Dynamic Piano (requires the Stereo Dynamic Piano ROM) 2000-01-01 | VEPPRGSDEM - 59.5 KB | Vintage Electric Piano (requires the Vintage Electric Piano ROM) 2000-01-01 | TRPLFARM - 16.6 KB | Triple Mode (requires O.S. v2 or better) 2000-01-01 | K2500FARM - 484 KB | Works on all K26xx and K2661 models
contains: Original K2500 Farm, KDFX Farm, K25 Piano Farm, Vocoder
2000-01-01 | VINTX - 88 KB | V.A.S.T. Vintage Programs VINTX1 + VINTX1B
(requires Contemporary and/or Vintage Electric Piano ROMs)
2000-01-01 | K26 Series - Collection 1 - 18.5 KB | Most programs require one or more of the following:
Contemporary ROM, Vintage Electric Pianos ROM, Orchestral ROM, Stereo Dynamic Piano ROM
2000-01-01 | K26PROGS - 163 KB | Works in all K2661
contains: additional sound banks originally supplied for the K2600

Spotlight Features

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