The latest in electronic instrument chip technology has been in development for several years at Kurzweil R&D in Waltham, MA. This newest sound chip is used in the MarkPro Series, creating a powerful digital piano unlike any other. Years of research and analysis have gone into the original acoustic sampling creating a chip that could play and express a majestic and deep stereo sound and provide plentiful polyphony for any home.

MarkPro TWOi

88 note fully weighted hammer action with velocity sensitive adjustable keys. The MarkPro TWOi is a digital piano of great lineage. With a sound engine derived from our 2007 Electronic Musician Editor’s Choice Award winning SP2X Controller, the MarkPro TWOi offers an array of performance features and superb sounds.

Expressive Sounds

64 expressive sounds including the award winning Kurzweil Triple Strike Grand Piano. The MarkPro TWOi boasts 64 incredible sounds, including our acclaimed Triple-Strike Stereo Grand Piano, our new lush Stereo Strings, multi-strike Classic Electric Pianos (both Classic Tine EPs and Wurlitzer(TM)), FM Electric Piano, Harpsichord, Brass Sections, Organs, Pads, Mallets, Guitars, Basses, Drums, Percussion, and Voices (featuring Kurzweil’s outstanding Take 6 vocal samples).

60 Auto Drum Sets

60 preprogrammed drum patterns giving the user and variety of styles to play along with.

64 Voice Polyphony

64 note polyphony ensures that notes will continue sounding even under high demand performance situations.

USB Interface With Complete MIDI Functionality

The MarkPro TWOi is a full 16 channel multi-timbral device. Built-in MIDI In/Out ports provide a convenient means of connecting to external MIDI devices, such as a computer sequencer, where all 16 channels can be accessed independently. In addition, the MarkPro TWOi supports MIDI system exclusive dumps for back-up and restore of song data and global settings.

Song Recorder

The MarkPro TWOi Recorder offers two song memories comprised of two tracks each. One of the biggest advantages in the MarkPro TWOi recorder is that not only does it record your individual solo performances, but it also records any layered and split sound combinations together into each track and even remembers real-time sound changes. As a result, the recorder can actually record and play back up to 6 simultaneous parts.

Built-in 30 Watt Stereo Sound System

The MarkPro TWO has is its own custom 30-watt/channel power amplifier and matched, high efficiency speaker sound system, featuring new dual 6.5″ low end drivers and 2″ tweeters, which are optimized for the MarkPro TWOi cabinetry. Built-in free voltage power supply just plugs in with no voltage selection required.

Tap Tempo Function

The Tap Tempo feature of the MarkPro TWOi allows the user to manually set the speed of the song by tapping a key along with the beat.

Lesson Guide

Learn all of the features and abilities of the MarkPro TWOi with the included Lesson Guide.

Available in Simulated Rosewood or Ebony Polish.

All specifications subject to change without notice.


All specifications subject to change without notice.

Mark-Pro TWOi Features

Keyboard: 88-note, fully-weighted hammer action
Keyboard Sensitivity: 7 selectable response levels
Display: 3×7 segment display
Polyphony: 64 voice
Multitimbral: 16 channel
Preset Programs: 64 Selectable Sounds

(for complete program listing, please see the Mark Pro TWOi Owner’s Manual here)

General MIDI: No
Layering: Any 2 sounds may be layered and their relative volumes adjusted
Splits: Any 2 sounds may be split and their relative volumes adjusted. The split point is user-selectable.
Transpose: Full transposition to any key, +/- two octaves
Tune: Adjust +/- 50 cents
Intonation: 6 tunings to choose from (Equal, Classic Just, Just flat7th, Pythagorean, Mean Tone, Werkmeister)
Effects: 64 Reverbs (halls/chambers/rooms) and;

64 Variation Effects (delay/chorus/flange/filter/distortion/compression and more)

Rhythm Patterns: 60 pre-recorded drum patterns in a variety of styles
Recorder/Sequencer: 2 songs, 2 tracks ea., with the ability to record layer/split combinations as well as real-time selection changes
Demo Songs: 50 built-in pre-recorded piano demo songs; 11 instrumental/ensemble demos
Sound System: Built-in, 30 watt rms per channel stereo amplifier:

(2×6.5″ woofers; 2×2″ tweeters)

Audio Outs: Stereo left/right RCA line outs (for connecting to external amplification)
Audio Ins: Stereo left/right RCA line ins (for connecting external sound sources)
Headphones: (2) 1/4″ stereo headphone outs
MIDI I/O: MIDI In & Out jacks
USB: (1) port; “Plug and Play” USB functionality allows MIDI over USB for connecting to/from an external computer sequencer
Pedals: (3) built-in switch-type: sustain, sostenuto, soft
Finishes: Simulated Rosewood, Ebony Polish
Bench: Matching bench included
Dimensions: 35″(H) x 54.30″(W) x 19.70″(D)

89 cm (H) x 138 cm (W) x 50 cm (D)

Weight: 125 lbs / 57 Kg
Power: Built-in, free-voltage AC supply




How can I restore my Mark ProTWOi to its factory defaults?


There are three methods:

Method 1:

  1. start with the power on
  2. press and hold Global
  3. then press piano note C8 at the same time

The unit is now reset.

Method 2:

  1. start with the power on
  2. press Global
  3. press Reset (screen will show “rSt”)
  4. press +/Yes button 3 times

The unit is now reset.

Method 3:

    1. power the Mark on
    2. when you see the 3 “. . .” flashing dots in the display, press/release the [ Global ] button

“UoS” should now be in the display.

  1. press either the [ -/No ] or [ +/Yes ] button until you see ” rSt ” in the display
  2. press the [ Transpose + ] button once to invoke
  3. press the [ +/Yes ] button to confirm

The unit is now reset.

I am having difficulties getting my Windows PC running Vista/Win7/8 to output MIDI to my Kurzweil via USB. Do I need to install a driver?


No. The current line of Kurzweil products have a standard class-compliant USB-MIDI implementation. They do not require the installation of any additional drivers.

Some background to be aware of:

Microsoft has been steadily REMOVING MIDI FEATURES from Windows since Vista. In Windows XP, Microsoft provided a MIDI Mapper control panel which allowed end users to select a MIDI output device. Since Vista this has not been available. As such, certain apps (like Windows Media Player – WMP) can no longer play MIDI songs triggering external MIDI devices because WMP is only routed to the internal Microsoft GS Synthesizer.

This means the MIDI app you choose to use must natively offer its own built-in MIDI mapping abilities OR you could possibly install a 3rd party MIDI mapper whose purpose is to replace the MIDI routing abilities removed from Windows. Fortunately,
these days, most commercial MIDI software products for PC, such as Cubase or Cakewalk, have a configuration screen which includes the MIDI device mapping necessary to route to an external MIDI device.


User Manuals

Mark Pro TWOi User Manual – 14.70 MB
Owner’s Manual

Mark Pro TWOi Series – Rhythm List – 15.3 KB
Supplemental Material

OS Updates

Mark ProTWOi Series v1.05 OS Update – 1.20 MB
(Installation instructions are included within the download.)

Device Installer
For Windows XP Only. Note: Mac OSX, Windows Vista and later do not require a driver/device installer.

Mark ProTWOi Series WinXP_DeviceInstaller – 28.5 KB
Windows XP USB Audio Device Installer (Installation instructions included in the SP2 Series Musician’s Guide.)


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