The Kurzweil SP7 Grand – Stage Piano
The latest member of the famed SP series of stage pianos.


Authentic Timbre Synthesis Technology

The SP7 Grand is designed upon our new synthesis platform A.T.S.T. and marks a new era in Kurzweil technology. Built around our custom semiconductor, A.T.S.T. features high fidelity audio, streamlined sound programming and boasts near seamless velocity layer transitions.

256 Voices of Polyphony!

Serious polyphony to power your most demanding performances!

2 Gigabytes of Factory Sounds!

The SP7 Grand offers 512 multi presets organized into 13 categories and features our German “D” 9 ft. Concert Grand derived from the K2700.

Piano Focussed

Fueled by the German 9′ grand piano samples found in our flagship K2700 workstation, the SP7 Grand A.T.S.T. engine provides significant advances in realism through support of higher resolution audio, smooth velocity transitions and a 2x oversampling filter.

Details Matter

The SP7 Grand pianos are further enhanced by the use of both string and pedal resonance modeling, envelope/velocity controlled key-off samples as well as half-damper* pedaling, together delivering a heightened piano performance experience (* half-damper pedal sold separately).

A Multitude of FX

21 effect algorithms are available to enhance the SP7 Grand’s rich sound, including reverb, BPM-synced delay, chorus, flange, compression, various distortion types, rotary speaker, tremolo, wah-wah and eq.


88-Note Hammer-Action Keyboard

Discover the TP/110 key action, featuring the latest technology from Fatar, the world’s leading piano-keybed manufacturer. The action is ideally balanced for feel and playability, serving a variety of playing styles.

16-Zone Multi Controller Mode

The SP7 Grand offers 16 performance zones for creating your own sonic split/layer combinations along with a host of customizable controllers.

Hybrid Arpeggiators

The SP7 Grand Hybrid-Arpeggiator combines both a step-sequencer and note-arpeggiator. This original twist on the classic arpeggiator design is capable of generating endless possible musical phrases.

Stay in Tune and Harmonize

Auto-stabilize the pitch of the mic input as well as adjust the signal’s vibrato and legato qualities. Further process your vocals and automatically generate up to 4-part harmonies in real-time as well generate as vocoder-like effects.


Color Touch Display

Navigate the SP7 Grand via its elegant 1024 x 600 pixel, high resolution, 7″ color LCD touch screen.

USB Audio Interface

The 2-in-2 out 24 bit/48 kHz audio interface easily connects to your Mac/PC via USB. Mix with the various effects on the SP7 Grand to create new sounds. Loopback functionality further expands the production capabilities.

Take Control

Express yourself and enhance your performances using the SP7 Grand’s programmable pitch/mod joystick, 8 knobs, 8 buttons, 2 switch pedal inputs and continuous control pedal input. Customize the colors of the various front panel knobs and buttons to suit your style and application.

Easy Access Transpose Controls

Dedicated -/+ transpose controls conveniently located on the left front panel.


Keyboard: 88-note, fully-weighted hammer-action with velocity sensitive keys (Fatar TP/110)
Display: 1024 x 600 pixel, high resolution 7″ color LCD touch screen
Enclosure Material: Steel + Aluminum
Enclosure Color: Black
Polyphony: 256
Multitimbral: 16 parts (one per MIDI channel)
Architecture: A.T.S.T. – Authentic Timbre Synthesis Technology
Featuring fixed PCM subtractive with variable filter and 2x oversampling state variable 96 kHz filter
Factory Samples: 2 GB
Factory Programs: 301
Factory Multis: 512
User Multis: 128
Multi Zones: 16
Favorites 64
General MIDI: GM2
Piano String Resonance: Yes
Piano Damper Resonance: Yes
Master EQ: 4-Band
Aux FX Busses: 2
Insert Effects: Reverb: 6 Algorithms
Modulation: BPM-Sync’d Delay, Chorus/Flanger, Rotary Speaker, Vibrato, Tremolo, Auto Wah-Wah
Dynamic: Compression, Noise Gate
Distortion: Dist/Ovd/Tube/Fuzz, Bit Crusher
EQ: 4-Band, Hi/Low Shelf, Peak/Notch, Hi/Low Pass
Vocal Pitch Correction: Yes / Automatic
Vocal Harmony Generation: 4-Part
Controllers: 1 Pitch/Mod Joystick
8 Knobs
8 Buttons
2 Transpose switches
2 Switch pedal inputs; supports a single half-damper pedal (1 switch/sustain pedal is included; half-damper pedals sold separately)
1 Continuous Control Pedal Input (pedal sold separately)
Arpeggiator: 8 – Hybrid-Arpeggiators
System Sample Rate: 48kHz (max 192 kHz)
System Bit Rate: 48 bit (fixed point)
Analog Inputs: 2  XLR-1/4″ balanced combi
Analog Outputs: Main: 2, 1/4″ TRS balanced
Monitor: 2, 1/4″ TRS balanced
Headphone: 1 back panel 1/4″ headphone output
MIDI: In, Out
USB MIDI: 1 Type B port
USB Audio Interface: 2-In/2-Out; 24-bit/48kHz
Software Editor: External Macro Synthesis Editor (coming soon)
OS Updates: via USB (Engine firmware), via SD card (GUI firmware)
Accessories: Included: power cable, switch pedal, USB cable, 1/4″ TRS cable
Sold separately: sheet music rack
Height: 4.7″ (12 cm)
Depth: 14.6″ (37 cm)
Length: 52″ (132 cm)
Weight: 36 lb (16.3 kg)
Power: External 15VDC 2.5A Power Supply

All specifications subject to change without notice.



SP7 Grand Stage Piano Demo
Courtesy of Sweetwater Sound

 SP7 Grand Stage Piano | Full Demo
Courtesy of Bonners Music

 SP7 Grand  Stage Piano
Courtesy of Session Music (Germany)

 SP7 Grand / Stage Piano – NAMM ’22
Courtesy of INFOMUSICFilms

 NAMM 2022 – Sneak Peak
Courtesy of PianoManChuck

Courtesy of Sound Service GmbH

 Piano Sound Demo
Courtesy of Taezpiano

Synth Sound Demo
Courtesy of Taezpiano

Factory Sound Demo
Courtesy of Rhythm Store


User Manuals

SP7 Grand – Getting Started Guide – 544 KB
Quick Start Guide (22-10-07)

SP7 Grand User’s Manual – 3 MB
Primary Owner’s Manual (23-10-23)

SP7 Series Object List – 27 KB
Excel spreadsheet listing all factory Multis/Programs

OS Updates

SP7G_Update (E1.10&L1.1.2) – 3MB
Contains: Installation Instructions, Release Notes

Device Driver

SP7 Series Windows Audio Driver – 2MB
Required: Windows 11 (64-bit only) / Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Software Editor

Coming Soon



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