Forte Downloads

User Manuals

2015-06-25 | Forte Getting Started Guide - 1.4 MB | Quick Start Guide (revB) 2019-11-12 | Forte Musician's Guide - 10.0 MB | Primary owner's manual (revH) 2019-11-12 | Forte Musician's Guide - E-Book - 24.8 MB | Primary owner's manual (revH) - .epub format for e-readers and mobile devices 2018-09-20 | Forte Complete Factory Objects List (v3.01) - 452 KB | Listing of all Factory Multis, Programs, FX Chains, etc. (.xls) 2017-03-06 | Effect Preset Guide (.png) - 140 KB | Graphic showing the general categories of individual FX presets available when building your own FX chains. 2015-05-28 | SoundTower - Sound Editor User Guide - 7 MB | PC3 Series Desktop Editor Operating Manual
(applicable to all Kurzweil desktop software editors)

OS Updates

2019-11-12 | Forte v4.00 Update - 7.8 MB | Contains: OS v4.18.32782, Obj 4.00.6, Installation Instructions, Release Notes


2016-03-25 | Patch Kreator: KVA Synth - 66 KB | Turn your Forte7/8 into a fun and hands-on polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer. The KVA Synth features two oscillators, a sub oscillator, two 2-Pole Filters, Amp Envelope Controls, Filter Modulation and 4 Effects.
(Contents: VA Synth Kreator Template, 10 Factory Programs and a controller decal printout).
2016-04-14 | DP1 - Drum Pack 1 - 328 KB | 8 NEW drum programs that are fun to play and interact with. Based on Arpeggiator patterns designed for each individual program, these drum programs groove for you! Change things up simply by playing new notes and moving controllers. Latch any pattern with a pedal and play other drums or perc on top, creating your own grooves instantly! Turn the Arp OFF to play the drum kits normally.
(Contents: 8 Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-04-20 | Kinder Sounds - 61 KB | Create music, with your Forte7/8/SE, that evokes the wonder and whimsy of childhood. The Kinder Sounds library includes a Kinderklavier, Polyphon, Melodica, Bell Orchestra and more!
(Contents: 8 Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-04-27 | Patch Kreator: Bass - Leads - 94.3 KB | Create retro digital sounds with the Bass & Lead Patch Kreator. Mix 80's synth samples with DSP waveforms on the fly. Use the partial selector to change harmonics in real time. Build new patches from scratch or tweak the included programs.
(Contents: Kreator Template, 10 Factory Programs, controller decal printout, instructions, artwork).
2016-05-04 | Legacy Pack 1 - 115 KB | Includes six classic Kurzweil factory programs. Each program is enhanced to utilize the greater FX resources and real-time controllers of the Forte family. Enjoy some favorites - renewed and updated!
(Contents: 6 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-05-18 | MAP // Motion Arp Pack - 74.2 KB | Eight new Kurzweil Factory Programs powered by arpeggiators, LFOs, delays and more! Move your music with the deep motion-modulation engine on the Forte 7/8.
(Contents: 8 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-05-31 | POLY-Kz - 57.2 KB | 10 NEW programs that recreate classic analog polysynths! Each program is also a synth template - with major parameters easily controllable from the front panel. Emulate vintage gear with two "VCOs," selectable waveforms, filter, and envelope controls. Create lush sounds with modulation options like independent vibrato LFOs for each "VCO", independent PWM LFO, and pressure triggered mods.
(Contents: 10 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-06-08 | Retro Pads & Arps - 105 KB | 10 NEW lush pads and rhythmic arpeggiator groove programs. Load these sounds into your Forte7/8 and get inspired for your next track or fill in that missing piece of your mix.
(Contents: 10 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-06-24 | Patch Kreator: The Roog - 86.1 KB | Go Roog and turn your Forte 7/8 into a fun-to-use mono-synth. Inspired by the classic, The Roog lets you create new patches right from the controllers - preserving the original's functionality. Design new sounds from the template or tweak the presets using the dual oscillators, modeled LP filter, three LFO wave shapes, sync saw/square, two bonus effects and more!
(Contents: 12 Factory Programs, instructions, decal, artwork).
2016-07-11 | Legacy Pack 2 - 72 KB | Expand your collection with 10 enhanced programs from the Kurzweil vault. Each program has been optimized to use the increased FX and controller resources of the Forte 7/8. Load-up these factory favorites-- including Adagio Magic, Ancient Calling and more!
(Contents: 10 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-07-19 | Metalscapes - 158.8 KB | 8 new factory programs that showcase metallic sounds processed with the Forte 7/8. Create mysterious soundscapes with programs like Fisher Cove or Sci-Fi Movie. Add drive with arpeggiated programs: Space Agogo and Cloud Level. Build to an ending with Post Rock and Shimmer Pad. All programs are controller assigned to allow for sound-shaping and modulation changes in real-time.
(Contents: 8 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-08-09 | Legacy Plus - Voices Pack - 81.7 | 6 NEW and 4 LEGACY programs to expand your Forte 7/8's voices category. The Voices Pack includes favorites like Throat Siren and Bandpass Choir as well as new vocal pads, synths and percussion programs to compliment the classic sounds.
(Contents: 10 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-08-23 | Legacy Plus - Folk Pack - 5.3 MB | Contains 6 Legacy and 4 New programs. Join a backyard folk jam with your Forte 7/8. Create a beat with the Washboard and Bodhran programs, build an ostinato with the Washtub Bass and strum along with a Steel String Guitar, Dulcimer, Mando, or Banjo!
(Contents: 10 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-09-09 | Vintage Keys 1 - 387 KB | Contains 12 LEGACY programs that have been updated with real-time controller assignments and additional switchable-effects to utilize the resources of the Forte 7/8. Load-up these EPs, Clavs & Pianets and expand your library. Get clunky with the Woostockclunker, noisy with Walrus Pianet and funky with MotorBootyMutron - and more!
(Contents: 12 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-09-21 | Legacy Strings - 7.0 MB | Contains 6 factory string programs (5 Legacy & 1 New) for the Forte7/8. Each program has been enhanced with additional effects and controller assignments. Pack includes solo string instruments, a synth-based patch and lush ensemble programs.
(Contents: 6 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-10-07 | Legacy Pianos - 1.7 MB | Contains 11 factory piano programs that span several product lines - including the Artis, PC3 and K2600. These legacy Triple Strike and Artis pianos have been updated to use the additional resources in the Forte7/8. Program enhancements include Kurzweil String Resonance modeling (KSR), added switchable effects, controller assignments and half-pedal functionality.
(Contents: 11 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-10-21 | Vintage Keys 2 - 635 KB | Contains 18 Legacy programs including 10 Mellotrons and 8 RMI sounds for your Forte 7/8. All programs have been enhanced with additional switchable-effects and real-time controller assignments. These sounds range from the classic mellotron strings, vox and flutes to keyboard RMI programs like the RMI Harpsi, EP, Clav and Piano. Enjoy these early electronic instruments on the Forte series.
(Contents: 18 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-11-23 | Legacy Plus-Brass & Winds - 250 KB | Supplement the acoustic horn and wind instruments in you Forte 7/8! These 12 factory programs (3 New & 9 Legacy) are now included in the Forte SE v2.0 update. Legacy programs have been enhanced to include controller assignments and additional effects. Download these programs for your Forte 7/8 or dial-up programs 401-412 on your Forte SE.
(Contents: 12 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-12-06 | Legacy Plus - Synth Basses - 1.5 MB | 9 factory synth basses; 1 new, plus 8 which were first seen in products such as the K2600 and PC3. These unique, exciting and rich synth basses are full of user controllable assignments, AND they can be used for so much more than just bass. Play them as leads, sound effects, or even a couple as pads. Download these programs for your Forte7/8, or dial-up programs starting at ID 369 on your Forte SE.
(Contents: 9 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2016-12-27 | Legacy Leads - 5.4MB | 10 Legacy Leads programs from the "K" and "PC" series. These programs have been updated with real-time controller assignments and switchable-effects. The Legacy Leads pack includes classic synth emulations, basic waveform leads (VA Saw & Square) and sample-VA hybrids. Download these programs for the Forte 7/8 or find them in your ForteSE starting at program 321.
(Contents: 10 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2017-01-23 | Ensemble Pack - 399 KB | 5 New and 8 Legacy programs to enhance the ensemble category on your Forte7/8. These 13 factory programs are now included in the Forte SE v2.0 update! Create cinematic themes, quirky interludes and small orchestral groups with these sounds. All legacy programs have updated controller assignments and real-time effects. ForteSE users can find these programs starting at program #417.
(Contents: 13 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2017-02-15 | BPM//Synth//Strings - 491 KB | 10 legacy programs for the Forte 7/8. These synth string programs are built from vintage analog waveforms and tempo-based effects. Use these sounds to create mysterious themes or rhythmic drive in your music. Controllers and effects have been enhanced to provide real-time control.
(Contents: 10 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2017-03-30 | Legacy Organs - 90.2 KB | Fire up the Forte's rotary emulation with 6 KB3 programs and 1 VAST organ! These programs utilize Kurzweil's B3 tonewheel and Leslie speaker simulations. Pack includes percussive, distorted and clean sounds. Use the Forte's sliders and switches to recreate the drawbars and buttons of this classic instrument!
(Contents: 7 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2017-04-28 | Fast Attack - 552 KB | 10 legacy programs to add punch to your mix! These synth programs feature fast attack envelops and aggressive waveforms. All programs have been updated with real time controls and enhanced effects. Arpeggio patterns have been added to put the blips, chirps and stabs into motion.
(Contents: 10 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).
2017-06-26 | Legacy Pack 3 - 36.8 KB | 7 classic programs from the Kurzweil PC & K series. This pack includes a mix of synths, guitar, bass, pad, voice and percussion. All programs have been updated with real-time controls and enhanced effects.
(Contents: 7 Factory Programs, instructions, artwork).

Software Editors

2017-12-05 | Forte - Desktop Editor (Mac) - 10.8 MB | v2.24 of the Forte desktop editing software for the Mac
Requires the latest Forte OS update (link above)
2017-12-05 | Forte - Desktop Editor (PC) - 6.4 MB | v2.24 of the Forte desktop editing software for the PC
Requires the latest Forte OS update (link above)
2018-03-27 | Forte - iPad Editor - 42.1 MB | (links to App Store store for download)
Requires the latest Forte OS update (link above)
2017-02-16 | Forte - Desktop Controller (Mac) - 9.8 MB | v1.09 of the Forte Desktop Controller software for the Mac
Requires the latest Forte OS update (link above)
2017-02-16 | Forte - Desktop Controller (PC) - 7.1 MB | v1.09 of the Forte Desktop Controller software for the PC
Requires the latest Forte OS update (link above)
2017-12-07 | Forte - PlugSE (Mac) - 17.9 MB | v1.0.9 of the Forte Plug-in - (AU/VST) for the Mac
Requires the latest Forte OS update (link above)
2017-12-07 | Forte - PlugSE (PC) - 7.2 MB | v1.0.9 of the Forte Plug-in - (VST) for the PC
Requires the latest Forte OS update (link above)

Spotlight Features

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