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16 Zones

How can I access all 16 zones in Multi mode?


The Forte's default state offers up to 4 zones per Multi. Update v1.30 expanded this to 16 zones. Here' how it works:

  1. Press the GLOBAL mode button.

  2. Set "User Type" to 'Advanced':

  3. Press MULTI to switch to MULTI mode.
  4. Select the desired Multi and press EDIT.

    For ex., here we chose Multi #5:

    As you can see, Multi 5 already has 4 zones active:

  5. Press either the MORE Left or Right corner soft-button twice. You will see the zone tool soft buttons used to manage creating/deleting zones - "New Zone", "Duplicate Zone", "Import Zone" and "Delete Zone":

    NEWZN = creates a new/empty zone.
    DUPZN = creates a new zone by duplicating the currently selected zone.
    IMPZN = creates a new zone by importing a zone from another Multi.
    DELZN = deletes the currently selected zone.

  6. For example, let's use DUPZN to duplicate Zone 1 to create some new zones - use the Channel/Zone buttons to select Zone 1:

    TIP: by duplicating a zone that may contain similar settings to what you want for your new zone, you can save some repeat programming steps.

  7. Press DUPZN:

    A pop-up message, "Zone duplicated" will be displayed as confirmation.

    For illustration, below we created 3 new zones by pressing DUPZN 3 times. Note you now see Zones 5, 6 and 7. You can repeat this up to a max of 16 zones.

  8. Use the CHANNEL/ZONE buttons to then navigate through the zones in groups of 4 to edit each zone as needed. A Current Zone/Total Zone counter is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen to facilitate keeping track of things:

  9. To delete any unwanted zones, use the Channel/Zone and/or cursor arrows to select the desired zone and press DELZN - for example, here we are deleting Zone 5:

    A confirmation screen will be displayed asking if you are sure. Press Yes to delete or No to cancel.

  10. Following, press SAVE and store your Multi as usual.

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