When I step on the sustain pedal using a KB3 program, it is currently controlling the leslie rotor speed. How can I change that to traditional piano sustain operation?


You have two options:

(A) Connect a second switch pedal to the Forte “Switch Pedal 3” input. It comes preset to act as Sustain for the KB3 Programs (it will act as soft pedal for non-KB3 selections).

(B) Change the “Rotary Override” parameter (Global Mode) to “Button” only. Steps below:

1) With the power off, connect a sustain/switch pedal into “Switch Pedal 1”, then power on.

2) Press the GLOBAL mode button – you will see:

3) Press the MAIN2 soft button:


4) Using the cursor navigation arrow buttons, highlight the “Rotary Override” parameter. By default it is set to “Button+Pedal”. Using the alpha wheel and/or Previous/- Next/+ buttons, change it to just “Button”:

5) Press Program to exit.

With these settings, the switch pedal connected to Switch Pedal 1 will act as sustain for all KB3 organs and the rotary speed will be controlled by the ROTARY S/F button (aka Variation) above the Mod Wheel.