How can I restore my Forte back to the factory defaults (hard reset)?


Caution: Hard resetting will erase all user memory ! Need be, back up any custom programming before proceeding.

There are two methods for performing a hard reset on the Forte:

GLOBAL MODE METHOD: (with the Forte powered up in normal operating modes)

1) Press the GLOBAL mode button, then press either “MORE” button:


2) Press the “RESET” soft button:


3) There are two reset methods available.Press “SOFT” to only restore factory default settings but retain your custom Multi’s/Programs in tact.Press “HARD” to completely reset the Forte back to factory defaults and erase all user Multis/Programs.For example, we will press “HARD” to completely reset the Forte:

(Note: when pressing SOFT, the resetting of factory defaults occurs immediately -> step 4.)


4) Press “YES” to confirm:


5) A progress screen will appear confirming the reset procedure is underway. The Forte will clear the specified settings and reboot. The HARD process can take a few minutes to complete.

SYSTEM MODE METHOD: (useful if you are unable to perform the above Global menu method)

Note: Resetting via the System Mode completely resets the Forte back to factory defaults and erase all user Multis/Programs.

1) Turn the unit Off.

2) Press and hold the ENTER button while you turn the power on (you can release the ENTER button once you see the System Mode loading).


3) Press “System Reset”:


4) Press “OK” to confirm:


5) Press “OK” to return to the main System Mode screen:


6) Press “Run Forte”:

The Forte will then reboot, at which point it will be completely reset back to factory defaults.