How does the ‘Show Zone Info’ display work?


Starting with system update 2.10 there is a new Multi display mode which offers an overview of the current Multi’s zone status. At a glance, this makes keeping track of what zones are active and assigned to what much easier, all without having to enter the editor. Here’ how it works:

1) Press the GLOBAL mode button.

2) Set “Show Zone Info” to ‘Yes’:

3) Press MULTI to switch to MULTI mode.

4) Select the desired Multi and note the display overlay:For ex., here we chose Multi #26 – a 4-zone multi and, as such, 4 zone fields are now displayed:

As the number of zones employed increases the display will reconfigure accordingly:

With 5-8 zones:

With 9-16 zones:

Each field displays the following status icons related to that zone:Note, as the number of zones increases, some data is not available:

Solo white = solo off / red = solo on

Zone On/Off green = on (local destination) / white = muted / orange = on (MIDI only)

MIDI/USB Destination green = transmitting / white = not transmitting (MIDI only, USB only, Both)

Audio Output Pair green = active / white = not active (A only, B only, Both)
Key Range white = active region
Program Program name/ID assigned
Volume (cc7) Green meter indicates volume level
Expression (cc11) Green meter indicates expression pedal level. When the “Show Controllers” parameter (Global MAIN1) is set to ‘Yes (Incl. pedals)’ the cc11 icon appears. cc11 controls the pre-insert FX program level.