How does the Forte’s real-time “Transpose” feature work?


The Forte offers dedicated Transpose – / + buttons immediately above the Pitch and Mod Wheels:

The Transpose buttons can be used to change the tuning of notes played on the Forte keyboard in semitones (ST), also known as half steps. This is a convenient way to change the key of a song without learning to play it in a different key. (Note: the Transpose buttons also transpose MIDI notes sent to the USB and MIDI out ports).

Working in tandem with the physical Transpose buttons is the Transpose readout affixed at the top of the Program and Multi mode screens. This field maintains a constant readout of the current transpose value:

Press the Transpose – or + buttons to transpose the Forte keyboard down or up by one semitone. The top line of the display shows the current transposition value. The maximum transposition value possible is +/- 36 semitones.

Example 1 – here we have things transposed up 1 ST:

Example 2 – here we have things transposed down -3 ST:

The LEDs of the Transpose buttons themselves also offer indication whether the keyboard is currently transposed up (Transpose + LED is lit) or down (Transpose – LED is lit) or not at all (no buttons lit).

Example – here we have things transposed up:


  • To transpose things up/down by octave use the OCTAVE- and OCTAVE+ soft buttons in the lower left of the screen:

  • Pressing both Transpose – and + simultaneously (or both Octave soft buttons) will reset the transposition to 0.