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Deleting and Moving Programs/Setups in User Memory

How can I delete and/or move individual Programs/Setups in the SP4 user memory?


Deleting Programs & Setups

IMPORTANT: First be sure you are running v2.00 or better of the SP4 OS as a specific Delete function was added in OS v2.

To DELETE an individual Program/Setup:
  1. Select the Program/Setup to delete

    128 MyStrings

  2. Press SAVE
  3. Press Chan/Param up TWICE - you will see "Delete ###?"

    Delete 128 ?

  4. Press the NEXT/+ button to commit

    128 Empty

  5. Repeat as needed

For details, please see "The Save Button" on pg. 2 of the new V2 Addendum manual (included in the V2 update download kit and posted online here)

Moving Programs & Setups

The SP4 does not permit true moving of objects but similar can be achieved by simply copying (saving) a desired Program/Setup to a new location* and deleting the original.

*CAUTION: when saving a Program/Setup to a new location you will overwrite any current occupant at the destination location (if applicable) so be sure of our choice before committing.

To MOVE an individual Program/Setup:
  1. Select the Program/Setup to move

    128 MyStrings

  2. Press SAVE - you will see the scrolling message:

    Save as:128 MyStrings

  3. Using the +/- or Sound Select buttons, select the desired NEW ID# location to Save to:

    Save as:156 MyStrings

    Here we have chosen to save Program #128 to location #156.

  4. Press SAVE again to execute - you will see:

    156 MyStrings

  5. Go back to the original Program/Setup location and delete the now unwanted copy (following the steps above under "Deleting Programs & Setups")

  6. Repeat as needed

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