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Kit Karlson

"The piano sounds are unparalleled and the technology that has been introduced in the new PC3 series is unbelievable!"

-Kit Karlson, keyboardist/composer/arranger


Kit Karlson is a versatile performer, composer, arranger, and educator. Kit began studying piano at the age of 4. While attending junior high school, he began playing tuba and eventually earned his bachelor's degree in Music Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a concentration in tuba. While at college, Kit got heavily into jazz and latin piano. He also learned composing and arranging skills that he still uses today as a member of Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers.

“SK6ERS,” as they are also affectionately known, have carved a determined, inspiring path since forming in Western Massachusetts in 2003. An exceptional live act given to high-energy showmanship, The Sixers are closing in on their 1000th show. Stephen Kellogg (guitars, vocals); Kit "Goose" Karlson (keys, bass, tuba, accordion); Brian “Boots” Factor (drums, mandolin, banjo) and Sam "Steamer" Getz (guitars, pedal steel) -- are friends who act like brothers and switch off on their instruments to keep it fresh; much in the tradition of their collective heroes, The Band.

After their eponymous release in 2005 on Universal Records and several hundred shows, SK6ERS issued Glassjaw Boxer (Everfine Records, owned by rock tour buddies O.A.R.) and saw it make the 'Top Five of the year’ list by USA Today critic Brian Mansfield. They accepted an invitation to tour military bases this past spring in Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Germany (with Sugarland) and NATO bases in England and the Netherlands. Most recently, The Sixers played for the American Embassy in Israel as part of a July 4th celebration.

Kit spends most of his time on the road with SK6ERS. He is also an active composer/arranger for high schools and universities throughout the country, including his alma mater The University of Massachusetts, located in his hometown of Amherst, MA.

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