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Jon started his career in his teens as a recording artist recording several hits in Europe with the band Industry. From there, he was asked by Industry's producer Rhett Davies to work with Bryan Ferry on Bryan's Boys and Girls album. He then joined Bryan at Live Aid in London where he met David Gilmour of Pink Floyd (who had joined Bryan on guitar). This spawned an accidental twenty year career of assisting other artists in any way possible. Whether producing, writing, working in the studio or performing live, Jon, a multi-instrumentalist, plays guitar, bass, keys, drums, sings, and programs with equal ease.

His list of credits is eclectic and varied. Pink Floyd (he also co-wrote the hit 'Learning to Fly'), Roger Waters, The Who, Pete Townshend, Bryan Ferry, Psychedelic Furs, Trashmonk, Richard Butler solo, Love Spit Love, Dream Academy, Gipsy Kings, Soul Asylum, Kashmir, Live, Eddie Vedder, Roger Daltrey, Fields of the Nephelim, Michael Kamen, Martha Wainwright, Baha Men, as well as film projects with David Gilmour and composing and producing the title track to the comedy Rat Race with Ric Chertoff and contributing to the soundtrack of The Invisible Circus with Nick Laird-Clowes. He has also been involved with Amnesty International, Greenpeace and Knebworth (Nordoff Robbins) fundraising events playing with Seal, Hugh Cornwall, Elvis Costello, Spinal Tap, Tom Jones and others.

Jon was introduced to Kurzweil twenty years ago, having used a K250 while working on Pink Floyd's Momentary Lapse of Reason album. Over the course of those twenty years, Kurzweil's "K Series" keyboards have remained indispensable, the centerpiece of his rig, whether on stage or in the studio.

After having contributed to the development of the K2000, Jon went on to use the "K Series" synths extensively on two decade's worth of albums, tours and DVDs with Pink Floyd, including their Division Bell album and tour, the Pulse album and DVD, and the recent highly publicized reunion show at the London stage of the Live 8 concert in early July, 2005.

Kurzweils were the main keyboards used on a number of Jon's other successful projects as well: The Who's Quadrophenia tour, Roger Waters' In The Flesh tour, album and DVD, Waters' Flickering Flame album, and a series of live shows with Pete Townshend for the Maryville Academy.

Jon recently wrapped up production on Richard Butler's (Psychedelic Furs) forthcoming album, due out March 21, 2006 on Koch Records. In addition to taking on the roles of both producer and engineer, Jon co-wrote all of the material and performed all of the instrumental parts.

Jon's current setup includes a K2600 (usually two or more when on stage), KSP8, PC2r, Rumour and Mangler processors, and a recently acquired K2661.

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  • The Who's Quadrophenia tour
  • Roger Waters' In The Flesh tour
  • Roger Waters' Flickering Flame
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