How can I load my user backup file into the PC4, restoring the exact state of the instrument at the time of backup?


PC4 compatible files are loaded from USB flash/thumb drives. A backup file created on the PC4 will have a “.PC4” extension. The following instructions assume you created your backup using this procedure.

Caution: The following steps will erase all user memory and replace it with the content contained within your backup file.

“LOAD” Procedure:

1) Plug a flash/thumb drive into the PC4 back-panel USB “Storage” port:
2) Press the front panel GLOBAL mode button:
3) Press the soft “FILE” button:
4) Press the “LOAD” soft button:

Note: If no flash/thumb drive is inserted when pressing “LOAD”, the display will show the message “Error: No valid device inserted”.

5) As needed, use the data wheel and/or -/+ buttons to navigate to and highlight your backup file:
6) With the desired backup file highlighted, press “OVWRITE (overwrite)”:

Reminder: Overwrite erases all existing user memory and replaces it, in its entirety, with the contents of the selected file.

7) Press “YES” to confirm restoring the backup file:

8) A brief “Loading…” message will be displayed while things are loaded. You will then return to the main Storage mode screen.


9) Press Exit or any of the mode buttons (Program, Multi or Global) to leave File mode.