On the KB3 organs, how do I program the sustain pedal to activate piano sustain vs the default settling of controlling Leslie rotary speed? Also, how can I program a separate/secondary pedal to act as rotary speed control apart from the sustain function?


By default, the Leslie rotary speed is controlled by the sustain pedal (Switch Pedal 1) as well as the Variation button. The steps below (part 1) will walk you through reassigning the pedal to act as piano sustain for the KB3 organs as well as building a custom multi to add a secondary pedal (part 2) that will act as rotary speed control.

Part 1

1) Go to the Global mode MAIN2 page and set Rotary Override parameter to “Button”:

This instantly sets the sustain pedal to act as traditional piano sustain on all KB3 programs globally throughout the system. The rotary speed control will now be solely activated by the front panel Variation button.

Part 2

To now also add a secondary pedal to act as the rotary speed control (in addition to the Variation button), proceed below:

1) Power down and connect a second switch-style pedal to the SW2 pedal input. Then power back up. Do not step on the pedal during the boot up period.

2) Go to Multi mode and select the starter template #2046 PC4 Control.

3) Press EDIT

4) On the OVERVIEW page, start by choosing your desired KB3 program for Zone 1. For instance, here we chose “119 Big Rotary B3”:

5) Go to the CONTROLS page and set the Controller to “Sw.Pedal 2a”. Set the Type to “Toggled” and the Destination to “Rotary Speed (MIDI29)”.

6) Press Save to store your custom Multi, rename as needed. Done.

With this Multi selected Switch Pedal 1 will act as piano sustain; Switch Pedal 2 and the Variation button will control the Leslie speed.
Note: the Variation button light ONLY follows presses made to the button itself.