When creating a multi-layered sound, how do I store the initial button mute status for each zone?

The default status of a button controlling the muting/unmuting of a zone is determined by its ‘Initial State’ parameter (manual ref. pg 21). As such, be sure to set the Initial State for each designated zone button accordingly (ie to On or Off, as needed).

Here are the steps:

  1. Edit the Sound in question.
  2. Go to the Control page.
  3. Select Buttons.
  4. Press Edit.
  5. Choose the desired Controller button (B1- B8).
  6. Select the system Destination “Zone Activate” (if not already assigned).
  7. Choose the desired Target Zone (Zone 1-8).
  8. Set the Initial State as follows to suit your needs:

    Value Choices:

    • ON     = For a zone you want On (lit, unmuted) by default when the Sound is first selected.
    • OFF   = For a zone you want Off (dim, muted) by default when the Sound is first selected.
    • None = For a zone where you want no initial state established.
  9. Go back to step 5 and repeat for each desired zone/button.
  10. Save.

Done. When you next select this Sound multi, the programmed controller buttons will default to their assigned initial states.