Q:What xD cards work in the PC3?


All references to the “PC3” apply equally to both the PC3 and X-Pro models.


With O/S 2.0 and later, the PC3 supports the following xD memory cards:

Type Size
S up to 512MB
M+* up to 1GB**


Cards must be formatted in FAT-16 (default formatting when purchased). Formatting can be done via the PC3 interface.

*Though most 1 GB Type M+ cards work, some have proven incompatible. Unless the larger capacity is a must, use Type S for the best compatibility.

**2GB Type M+ are also partially supported in that they will work in Storage Mode but not in the Boot Loader. Again for guaranteed compatibility in all cases, we recommend sticking with the Type S cards.

The PC3 does NOT support Type M or Type H cards.


xD cards can be hard to find in regular brick and mortar retailers but can readily be found at several on-line stores and eBay. Try googling “xD Cards” and you will find common vendors such as:


It is worth noting that an xD card is not necessary to backup your user objects from the PC3; it is just another way of doing it.

If you have computer (PC, Mac, Linux…) with USB, you can use the PC3’s Storage Mode USBDrive function to backup contents directly to your computer desktop and forgo the xD card route (at least for situations not requiring easy portability, the one thing the cards do afford you).