KaP1 KaE1 KaS1 MPS M1
Keyboard Key Action 88 hammer
(H1 Ivory)
88 hammer
(H1 Ivory)
88 semi-weighted
88 hammer
(Fatar TP110)
Adjustable Sensitivity
Interface Display LCD n/a n/a OLED
Sound Polyphony 256 128 128 256
Sound Library KORE 2.0 KORE 1.0 KORE 1.0 KORE 2.0
Factory Presets 28 20 16 50 (+ 128 GM)
User Presets 0 0 0 10
Piano Samples GD GD* GD* GD
String Resonance x x x
Pedal Resonance x x x
Piano Key-Off Samples x x x
Half-Damper x x x
General MIDI x x x
Sound Control Tune
Accompaniment Drum Patterns 10 x x 10
Demo Songs 7 10 16 9
Educational Features x
Sound System Speakers 4 4 4 4
Power 30W 30W 30W 48W
Connections Audio Outputs
Audio Inputs
Headphone 2 1 1 2
MIDI DIN Ports x x x x
USB-Device x x x
Bluetooth Audio x
Bluetooth MIDI x
Switch Pedal Inputs 2 2 2 1
Included Accessories Music Rest
Sustain Pedal
Optional Accessories Keyboard Stand ST-4 / STC-1 ST-3 x ST-5
Power External Adaptor
Battery x x

* These pianos are an optimized version of the German D grand pianos, derived from the same quality content but using less samples.