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Loading Sound Banks

What is the procedure to load additional Sound Banks into the SP4? I am having difficulty loading more than one file at a time.


Note: All references to the "SP4" apply equally to the SPS4-8 and SP76II models.


  • Loading of any additional content requires v2.00 of the O/S or better. This tutorial assumes you have v2.00 already installed. Update your SP4-8, SPS4-8 and/or SP4-7 as needed.
  • New content always loads into the USER banks; factory objects are NOT affected.
  • Although you can load multiple files into the SP4, the load interface only permits loading one file at a time. Each file must be loaded individually using the Load [fill] option

Load "Fill" Procedure:

  1. To begin the loading process, first turn on the SP4 and your computer, then connect a USB cable from the SP4's rear panel USB port to a USB port on your computer.

  2. On the SP4, press Global, then press the Chan/Param up (∧) or down (∨) arrow buttons until you find the "Load [fill]?" function:

    Load [fill]?

  3. Press the Next/+ value button below the display. A temporary removable drive named "SP4" will mount on the computer and the SP4 screen will display:

    Press Next for loading

  4. On your computer copy (drag and drop) the desired file to the SP4 temporary removable drive (remember only one file). Wait for it to finish copying.

  5. **Press Next/+ to initiate the load process. The SP4 screen will display:


    When finished loading the SP4 screen will display:

    File loaded

    Your computer will issue a "device removal" message - you can cancel/ignore this.

  6. To play the newly loaded content press Program then the "Bank" button to select the User bank.

  7. Go back to step 2 and repeat as needed for additional loads.


  • Pressing Previous/- will cancel the load operation and recall the "Load (fill)" dialogue.
  • If no file is in the SP4 temporary drive during the load, the display will show the message "Load error". Pressing Previous/- will recall the "Load (fill)" dialogue pressing Next will retry.
  • If the SP4 User bank is full (max 64 program slots), the display will show the message "Load error".
  • If the SP4 is not connected to a computer, the display will show the error message "Please connect the computer". Pressing Previous/- will recall the "Load (fill)" dialogue - pressing Next will retry to connect.

Video Step-by-Step:

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