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How can I restore my unit to its factory defaults? (hard reset)

How can I restore my Mark 10/Mark 110/Mark 150 to its factory defaults?


There are two methods:

Method 1:

  1. Turn the unit on
  2. Hold the MIDI button and strike the top note on the keyboard (C8) at the same time.

The unit is now reset.

If the unit won't come up and permit method 1…

Method 2:

  1. Turn the unit off
  2. With the right hand, press and hold the "Jazz/Swing Waltz" and "Start/Stop" buttons located to the right and down from the numeric display
  3. Turn the unit on, and with your left hand, immediately press and hold the Track 1 Button, located in the upper left panel area
  4. Wait 5 seconds then release all 3 buttons
  5. All panel LEDs should flash, then the numeric display should display [.0.0.0] and the three reverb LEDs, Room, Stage, Hall, should be on.
    This is Diagnostic Menu Display
  6. Press and release the Warm/Bright button located adjacent to the Reverb LEDs.
    The Display should display numbers indicating the specific test being performed.
  7. When test number seven (7), panel LED test, is performing you may Turn Off Power, wait a few seconds, then Turn On Power again.

The unit is now reset.

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