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MIDI File (.MID) Playing Back With the Wrong Sounds

I am playing a .MID file which I loaded off disk. It plays the right notes but not using the correct sounds. How can I fix this?


Most Standard MIDI Files (.MID) are intended for an instrument with General MIDI (GM) compatibility. The Mark 6/8/10/110/150 is GM compatible but it must be turned On in order to put the Mark into a special GM mode and hear the intended GM sounds. Many .MID files will have an embedded sys-ex message to turn GM "On" automatically. But if the sequence does not contain this message, you need to turn it on manually (if you are reading this tutorial, the latter likely applies to you).

To do this:

Press and hold the MIDI button, simultaneously striking the lowest black note (Bb0) on the keyboard (as shown under the MIDI EDIT sections of your manual). You can tell when GM is turned On when you see a dot (decimal point) after the last character in the display. Once enabled, GM material will playback correctly.


With GM turned On:

  • The Auto Accompaniment features will not work correctly, since they do not use the GM sounds.
  • Any sequences recorded on the Mark itself will no longer play the correct sounds.

Therefore, you should only turn GM On when playing sequences intended for a GM instrument.

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