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Loading Songs

How can I load songs off disk for playback in my MK10/110/150?


NOTE: all references to the "Mark 10" (MK10) refer equally to the Mark 10, Mark 110 and Mark 150 models.

  1. Insert disk
  2. Press Load Songs - display will show "ALL"
  3. From here you have two options:
  1. Load up to the first 8 songs in order off the disk.
  2. OR
  3. Load individual songs off the disk one at a time.

a. To Load the first 8 (ALL), when you see "ALL" in screen, press any of the flashing Song buttons on you left. The MK10 will then attempt to load as much as it can (memory permitting) up to the first 8 songs off the disk.

To load BEYOND the first 8 songs AND/OR to load individually, you need to scroll up the list one selection at a time using the UP arrow key beneath the display.

Once you have selected on screen the ONE song to load next, press a blinking Song button (indicating its empty) on your left to load INTO.

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