News | Forte v4.00 System Update

Kurzweil Music Systems
January 24, 2019

Kurzweil FORTE®
v4.00 Coming Soon!

Forte v4

Waltham MA - Kurzweil Music Systems is proud to announce the upcoming release of v4.00 for the FORTE®. This will be a free, user-installable software update for the FORTE 7/8.

New in Version 4!

  • 6 Operator FM Engine with the ability to load original FM SysEx files
  • 16 simultaneous MIDI CC Step Sequencers for modulation sequencing
  • Program Tuning Maps for easily applied piano stretched tuning
  • Improved Object Utilities including Move objects with Dependencies
    ...and more.


For additional info contact:

Kurzweil Support
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