2014-03-11Introducing the Forte™
2014-02-11PC3LE Series v2.26 Released
2014-02-11MP Series v2.26 Released
2014-02-11Artis & PC3/K Editors v2.42 Released
2013-12-18Connect with Kurzweil at NAMM 2014
2013-10-29Artis Update v1.10 Released
2013-08-09Introducing the Artis Stage Piano
2013-03-18PC3/K OS v2.21 Update Released
2012-10-22Kurzweil PC3/K Series OS v2.20 Released Featuring KORE 64™
2012-09-13Kurzweil Introduces MP20 Performance Model Digital Piano
2012-08-30Kurzweil Introduces MP15 Designer Series Digital Piano
2012-05-22SP4 OS v2.10 Update Released
2012-04-13PC3LE OS v2.10 Update Released
2012-03-13PC3/K OS v2.10 Update Released
2012-01-21NAMM Honors Stevie Wonder & Ray Kurzweil
2011-11-02Kurzweil Donates K250 to NAMM Museum
2011-07-19PC3/K OS v2.03 Update Released
2011-06-16SP4-7/8 New Sounds Available for Download
2011-05-10PC3K Sound Download Library
2011-03-08Kurzweil PC3LE: Full V.A.S.T. Editing and More!
2011-01-13New: Kurzweil SP4-8!
2011-01-07NAMM 2011
2010-12-01New Kurzweil CUP-2 Digital Piano
2010-11-03Ray Kurzweil on the PC3K and the Legacy of Kurzweil
2010-11-01PC3K To Play Starring Role in Phantom Sequel
2010-10-14New Kurzweil MP-10 Digital Piano
2010-05-07Kurzweil KnowledgeBase Launched!
2010-02-07PC3K Debuts at Super Bowl XLIV
2009-12-11New Kurzweil PC3K!
2009-11-04Kurzweil PC3LE6 Keyboard Shipping in November
2009-10-02Kurzweil Pro Products and American Music & Sound Team Up for US Distribution
2009-10-01APACHE: First Rate Third Party Sound Set Available Now For PC3 Series
2009-01-14NAMM 2009 - Kurzweil Introduces the PC3LE Keyboard
2008-09-012008 TECnology Hall of Fame