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Control Setup Zone Mutes with a Foot-Switch Pedal

How can I use a foot-switch pedal to Mute and unmute different zones of a setup?


  1. You will need a dual-switch type pedal connected to the "Sustain" input (one side to be used -presumably- for sustain, the other for zone muting). An example of such a pedal would be Kurzweil's KFP-2S .

  2. In Setup Mode, select your Setup and press EDIT SETUP.

  3. Press Zone 1, 2, 3 or 4 to select the zone you wish to add this pedal functionality to - for example, here we selected Zone 3.

  4. Using the CHAN/PARAM buttons, navigate to the following FtSw2 parameters and assign as follows:

    • Set FtSw2:Dest to 'MuteZn':


      Tip: the easiest way to select this is to type in 149, then press Enter on the keypad.

    • Set FtSw2:Mode to 'Toggle':


    • Set FtSw2:Entry: to 'On' or 'Off':


      Set to "On", if you want the zone to be unmuted (audible) when you first select this Setup.
      Set to "Off" if you want the zone to be muted (inaudible) when you first select this Setup.

    • Set FtSw2:Exit: to 'None':


    • Set FtSw2:OnVal: to '0':


    • Set FtSw2:OffVal: to '127':


  5. Press SAVE twice to re-save this Setup as usual. Done.
  6. Usage Notes:

    • Each press & release of the pedal will change the mute status for the given zone.
    • To control more than one zone at a time, you can apply the same settings above to other zones to get them to respond in tandem.
    • In all cases it is best to leave the zone "Status" parameter set to 'Active' and control the zone's default Mute status with the pedal Entry values.

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