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Using the SP4 as a MIDI Controller - Selecting Programs on External MIDI Devices

I am using Setups on the SP4 and working with an external MIDI module (or VI) and need to send MIDI Bank/Pchg messages to call up the sound(s) I need. What are the steps?


All references to the "SP4" apply equally to both the SP4-8, SP4-7, SP76II and SPS4-8.

Note: the following assumes you are running version v2.00 or greater of the SP4 OS. (Available under Downloads need be)

For EACH SP4 Setup zone you wish to use to control an external MIDI device and select a desired program from it, set the following parameters:

  • Channel: set this to the channel you have the external device set to receive on.

    For ex:


  • Destination (Dest): set this to "MIDI".


  • MIDI Bank: set this to the Bank value needed to select the desired sound bank in the external device (**more info below).

    For ex:

    MIDI Bank:5

  • MIDI Program (MIDI Prog): set this to the Program Change value needed to select the desired sound in the external device (**more info below).

    For ex:

    MIDI Prog:56

  • Entry Program Change (EntryPrgChg): set this to "On'.


**MIDI Bank and Program Change Messages

To select any given sound from a device via MIDI generally requires two messages: a MIDI Bank and a MIDI Program Change. MIDI Banks themselves are further comprised of two individual MIDI Controllers: MIDI Bank MSB (cc0) and LSB (cc32). Together they constitute the "MIDI Bank".

Not all devices have their sounds organized in same fashion or employ the same MIDI Bank scheme. As such, the key to remotely selecting programs on any device is in knowing what IT wants to receive (you may need to consult the manual for said device/instrument for this info). Once you know what combination of Bank messages (cc0 and cc32) the receiving device needs, apply the following formula to determine the correct MIDI Bank number to enter in your SP4 Setup (grab a calculator):

(MSB x 128) + LSB = MIDI Bank

Reminder MSB=cc0, LSB=cc32


Suppose a particular sound in an external module you are working with has a Bank of MSB=63 / LSB=8, and a Program Change = 50...plug the MSB/LSB numbers into the above formula as follows:

  • (63 x 128) + 8 = 8072

  • On the SP4, set the "MIDI Bank" parameter to 8072 (type in 8072 and ENTER on the keypad).

    MIDI Bank:8072

  • Then set the "MIDI Prog" parameter to 50.

    MIDI Prog:50

  • Repeat this same process for each "MIDI" zone as needed.

Save the setup when done. From now on when you select this setup on the SP4 it will fire out (per zone) the appropriate MIDI Bank/Pchg to your external devices/instruments and call up the desired sounds within them.

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