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Controlling KB3 Parameters via MIDI on the SP4

On the SP4, what MIDI Continuous Controllers (CC) are used to remotely control the KB3 parameters?


Via the SP4 MIDI IN (or USB-MIDI*) you can access the full compliment of KB3 program parameters to enhance your real-time performance as well as sonic tweaking.

(*Note: the SP4 Type B USB port does not provide bus power.)

TIP: tweaked programs can be saved to user memory simply by pressing Save, selecting a desired User Bank location, then pressing Save again.

The table below details the 23 accessible KB3 parameters and their associated MIDI CC numbers.

Kurzweil SP4 KB3 MIDI Implementation List

KB3 ParameterMIDI CC#
Drawbar 114
Drawbar 215
Drawbar 316
Drawbar 417
Drawbar 528
Drawbar 619
Drawbar 720
Drawbar 821
Drawbar 922
Swell Pedal11
Distortion Drive1
Aux FX Wet/Dry18
Leak Level24
Rotary Fast/Slow64 (or 80)
Rotary Brake81
Chorus/Vibrato On/Off82**
Chorus/Vibrato Select83
Chorus/Vibrato Depth85
Percussion On/Off86
Percussion Level87
Percussion Decay88
Percussion Pitch89
KeyClick On/Off90

Download a PDF of the above table for portable reference.


  • ** "Farfisa" and "Doors Vox" programs use cc#29 to enable/disable the Chorus/Vibrato.
  • The original "Organ" Sound Bank file (SP4ORG01) posted online has been updated/replaced by SP4ORG01b, addressing a problem where the controllers for drawbar 5 and the Aux FX were swapped. Be sure to download and use the current "b" revision file.

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