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Adjusting the Velocity Map Sensitivity (VMap)

How can I adjust the velocity response (sensitivity) of the keys to suit my taste?


Adjusting the Velocity Map (VMap) allows you to globally customize the sensitivity of the piano keys' response to your preferred playing style. There are 10 different settings (maps) to choose from:

  • Linear (default setting)
  • Light 1
  • Light 2
  • Light 3
  • Hard 1
  • Hard 2
  • Hard 3
  • Piano Touch
  • Easy Touch
  • GM Receive

Please see pg. 9-3 in the SP4 Musician's Guide for a description of each. Ultimately, trying out each will be the best method to determine your favorite.

Steps to Select a Different VMap:

  1. Press GLOBAL, then the Chan/Param Up (∧) arrow button until you see:


  2. Press either the Previous(-) OR Next(+) to scroll (backwards or forwards respectively) through the above list of choices. The selection takes effect immediately upon selection.

    For example here we selected the "Piano Touch" map:


  3. Press PROGRAM or SETUP to exit the Global mode.

Note: This setting change will be remembered across power cycles.

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