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Problems Using USB-MIDI to Connect to a Computer Music Application

I am trying to connect my SP3X to my computer via USB and am having troubles with it being recognized. How do I fix this?


Though not all, most USB-MIDI issues are simply a matter of making sure you are running the most current OS on your SP3X. Earlier revs may be limiting the platforms supported.

The latest version of the SP3X OS is available online at the link below:

At the above link above, Click OS UPDATES. Download and install the current update (instructions included).

Platform Specific Notes:

Windows Users:

If you are updating from SP3X OS v1.02 or older using USB, Windows XP must be used. Follow the instructions located in Chpt 6 of the SP3X Musician's Guide. Alternatively you can simply use traditional MIDI connections to update your OS. Once updated, Win7, Vista and XP can be used for future updates over USB.

A word about USB Drivers: The SP3X supports "plug n' play" operation, using Window's own built-in generic MIDI driver. No proprietary USB MIDI driver is required.

For XP users though, as a convenience, we do offer a Device Installer (available at the same link above) but it is completely optional. The installation of this driver is simply a naming convenience, permitting your host DAW to reference the SP3X by name ("Kurzweil SP3X MIDI") versus Window's generic "USB Audio device" driver label. Neither Win7 nor Vista make use of such label drivers as they generate the device name inherently.

Mac OSX Users:

The SP3X supports "plug n' play" operation. No proprietary USB MIDI driver is required.

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