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Select Programs via MIDI

What combination of Bank/Pgm Msgs does the KME/ME respond to?


  1. by default, the KME/61 and ME-1 use MIDI Bank message cc#32 (Bank LSB**) to send/receive bank info
  2. following the bank message a standard program change needs to be sent (0-127) depending on the patch in that bank you are after

    The KME/ME has 2 Banks (see pg. 11 in the manual):
    -MIDI Bank 0
    -MIDI Bank 6

    An example:
    You want to call up program 099 "Electric 12" (from bank 6)

    From your keyboard/DAW, on the desired channel, you send :

    Repeat for other channels as needed (up to 16).

**If your keyboard/DAW also forces you to send cc#0 (Bank MSB) simply enter value=0 (zero).

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