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Setting up the K2 for Using Altered Tuning Schemes (Intonation Tables)

How can I set up the K2 for other tuning schemes?


There are a couple of ways you can have altered tunings.

The easiest way is to use the K2's built-in Intonation Tables. These are Global (so you can only have one table at a time) and they are octave based. You set the Intonation Table on the Master page.

MasterMode: Samples:65536K  Memory:760K 
Tune      :0ct          OutA->Mix:Stereo
Transpose :0ST          OutB->Mix:Stereo
DrumChan  :1            OutA->FX :L+R
VelTouch  :1 Linear     Contrast :0
PressTouch:1 Linear     Confirm  :On
Intonation:1 Equal      IntonaKey:C
Object Delete  Util  Sample Panic  Reset

*K2000/K2500 pictured. K2600/K2661 screen will vary slightly.

There are a number of preset tables, including a few based on Arabic tuning. You can also edit them and create your own. You choose which key you want for your base, and then all other eleven notes in the octave can be edited in 1 cent increments. You can change the base key manually or even do it by sending specific MIDI note messages (see your manual for info on this).

For most people, the Intonation Tables work fine for what they want to do.

If you need to create scales which are not octave based, then you need to make your own keymap. What you have to do is go into the Program editor to the Keymap page, choose the keymap you want and press edit again to enter the Keymap Editor.

EditKeyMap         <>KeyRange:C 0-A 1   
MasterXpose :0ST          
Key Range   :C 0-A 1   Lo:C 0  Hi:A 1
Sample      :1 Grand Piano-G#1
Course Tune :0ST
Fine Tune   :0ct
Name   Save   Delete Dump  NewRng Assign

Once there, if you scroll through the key range parameter, you will see various samples assigned to different ranges of the keyboard. You will probably want to use the same sample assignments, but you are going to create a keymap in which each note is a separate range. So if you scroll to the Key range at which you want to start editing, you will see the sample currently use for that range. Press Assign, select the Sample, and then strike a note on the keyboard where that sample should be assigned. Strike the same  note twice to create a one note keyrange. You will be returned to the Keymap Editor page. You should then use the Fine Tune parameter to adjust the tuning of that one note. Then you can press Assign and repeat the process. By doing this, you can tune each note individually.

John Loffink maintains a web  page describing how to do Micro-Tonal, Equal Tempered Scales on the K2000/K2500/K2600 Series.

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