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How can I restore my K2000 to its factory defaults? (Hard Reset)

How can I restore my K2000 to its factory defaults?


Caution: Hard resetting will erase all user memory! Need be, save any custom programming to disk before proceeding.

There are two methods for performing a hard reset on a K2000:

  • Master Menu Method:
    1. press MASTER
    2. press [Reset]
    3. press [Yes] twice
  • -OR-

  • Diagnostics Mode Method: (useful if your screen is blank and cannot perform the Master menu method)
    1. hold down 1, 2, & 3 on power up - (the display will show Hard Reset and Diagnostics, with Hard Reset already selected)
    2. press Enter.
    3. then turn the unit off and back on.

Via either method, the unit will "initialize" itself for about 40 sec. or so and then reboot to factory specs.

If the above methods do not successfully restore your unit's normal operation, you can next turn the unit off and remove its PRAM batteries - 3 AA's located in the bottom access panel (keyboards) back panel (racks) - and leave the batteries out for at least one-half hour. When the half hour is up, replace the batteries (with new ones need be) and power back up, at which point the unit should go through complete re-intialization. If problems persist, it will likely be time to take the unit to an authorized Kurzweil service center for repairs.

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