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Sample RAM Specifications for the K2000 Series (SIMMs)

What are the specs for Sample RAM (SIMMs) for my K2000/S/R/VP/VX?


Choosing Sample RAM for the K2000 Series

Single In-Line Memory Modules, commonly referred to by the acronym "SIMM", are the small memory cards that are used for Sample RAM in the K2000 series instruments. SIMMs for the K2000 must be installed by an authorized service center.

IMPORTANT: Do not use composite SIMMs in any Kurzweil instrument. A composite SIMM is one that uses a PAL or other additional circuitry to make multiple DRAM chips act like bigger chips. Non-composite SIMMs (acceptable) have no chips other than DRAM memory chips soldered to the board. SIMMs with PALs, buffers, or other logic components will not work in a K2000; do not use them. Composite SIMMs may appear to work in some cases, but they will be unreliable.

K2000, K2000VP, and K2vx SIMMs Specification

K2000's support up to 64MB of sample RAM in four paired slots. They must be installed by an authorized service center. SIMMs must meet the following specs:

  • 30 pin
  • 8 bit (non-parity)
  • 120 ns or faster
  • Must be non-composite SIMMs
  • Only 1 meg, 4, meg, or 16 meg SIMMs can be used
  • Both EDO and FPM SIMMs supported

SIMMs must be installed in pairs . You can have different sized pairs, but each pair must be a matching set. There are 4 slots. The two outer slots form one pair and the two inner slots form the other pair.

For a list of companies that make SIMMs which we know work correctly, please see our Developers List. (Other companies may also have proper SIMMs).

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