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Differences Between K2000 Series Instruments


What are the differences between the various K2000 series instruments?


Original K2000

The original K2000 shipped in four variations: K2000, K2000S, K2000R, and K2000RS. The K2000 and K2000S were keyboard models. The K2000R and K2000RS were rack models. The K2000S and K2000RS included the sampling option, plus 2Mb of sample RAM.

K2000VP & K2000VPR

The K2000VP is a K2000 with new presets (based on the presets in the K2500). It ships with 2 meg of sample RAM. Sampling is not included but the sampling option can be added. If you add just one of the optional ROM blocks to the K2000VP, the presets in the first two banks will revert to the ones found in the original K2000.

K2vx & K2vxS

The K2vx is a K2000 which comes with the options already installed (both ROM blocks and PRAM). It has the same 200 presets found in the K2000VP (based on the presets in the K2500), plus the 200 preset from the two ROM blocks, plus an additional 200 preset programs not found on any other model. These extra 200 presets take advantage of having both additional ROM blocks by combining sounds from all three blocks. The K2vxS adds the sampling option and 2Mb of sample RAM.

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