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K2000 Series OS Updates

How can I update my K2000 series unit operating system?


The K2000 series stemmed from technology that used physical EPROMs for its upgrades, not downloadable flash ROM files. This means, to update the unit you would need to take it to an Authorized KMS Service Center and they could order the parts and perform the update for you. The last version of OS for the K2000 was v3.87.

To find out what version you have now, watch the display when you power up the instrument.

Note: There are 2 different versions of the engine board and operating system - Calvin and Janis. If there is a "J" after the version number in the display, you have a Janis unit, if there is no letter after the number, you have a Calvin unit. Make sure to tell the service center which version you have when you order the upgrade.

If you are upgrading from a version previous to v3.01, make sure to download the version 3 addendum manual as well (available under K2000 Downloads online)

Please note that updating directly from version 1 of the operating system requires the additional purchase of new Setup EPROMs, which are not included with the operating system update.

(Authorized Service Centers: OS and Object EPROM pattern files are available from your local distributor on request.)

Here is a quick rundown of the features added in v3.87 (relative to v3.54):

  • SCSI Speed Improvements. Now loads and saves approximately twice as fast as previous versions.
  • Export to standard MIDI Type 1. Now the software can import and export both type 0 and type 1 MIDI files.
  • ISO 9660 format support. Adds ISO 9660 format support for CD's. This allows you to read CD's in the standard format. Previously we required an "image" of the hard disk format.
  • Supports looped WAV files, both import and export. Also correctly handles tuning of WAV and AIFF files. Saving a WAV file will now export the loop info, if any. Importing looped WAV file will now get the loop data, if any. The software only handles one loop per sample, so the first loop found in a WAV file is used.
  • Now reads 2500 programs. Previously the 2000 would ignore programs containing 2500 specific parameters. Now it translates them, stripping out any KDFX or other 2500 parameters.
  • Improved object save and delete times.
  • Improved sample delete times.

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