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Converting a Sequence Song File into an Audio CD

How can I convert one of my Kurzweil Song files into an audio CD?
(aka converting .PC3, .PLE, .KRZ, .K25, .K26, .MID files into .WAV, .AIF, .MP3 audio files)


First, you need to remember that when you are recording a song in the Kurzweil, you are not recording audio, you are recording MIDI information.

It is important to understand that MIDI data is not audio and by itself makes no sound. All MIDI consists of is remote control performance data - a record of what keys you played, pedals you pressed, and so on. When the MIDI information is sent back to the instrument, it is the sound module part of the instrument that then creates the sound. So the short answer is there is no way to directly convert MIDI data into audio.

Therefore, in order to make an audio CD (or mp3), you are going to have to make a digital audio recording of the Kurzweil's audio output while it is playing the song. You can either record to an external device or, in the case of the **K25/K26 Sampling models, to the Kurzweil itself. If you have digital audio recording equipment, you may find it simplest to record to this external equipment.

One such example might be to record directly to a stand-alone CD Audio Recorder. Another possibility would be to use digital audio recording software and a good quality audio recording card for your computer. With either you would connect the Kurzweil to the audio inputs of your chosen recording device or audio interface, start playing the song on your Kurzweil, and record just as you would if you were recording to a traditional tape recorder. If recording to a dedicated CD Recorder, your job is basically done. If recording into a computer, once the audio is digitized (recorded), you can then use CD writing software to burn a CD with the audio files and /or create mp3's.

**For K25/K26 users: if you don't have access to other digital audio recording equipment, or just wish to do everything within the Kurzweil, it is possible to resample the song into the Kurzweil while it is playing. In order to do this, you must have a K2500, K2600 or K2661 with the sampling option, and enough sample RAM to make a sample of the entire song. For more on how to do this, please see Creating a Sample From a Song (Resample).

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